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Impact Moles: Light and Shadow of a Trenchless Technology

Dear Readers,

In this post, we take a closer look at the technology of Impact Moles, which brings both impressive advantages and significant challenges.

Detailed Functionality

Impact Moles utilize pneumatic or hydraulic drive systems. An internal hammer mechanism, powered by compressed air or hydraulic fluid, generates a continuous striking motion. This motion propels the missile forward through the ground. Concurrently or subsequently, a protective tube for cables is pulled through the created opening.


  • Minimal Surface Disturbance: Little impact on the surface.

  • Cost Efficiency: Less excavation and transport of soil.

  • Speed: Accelerated project implementation.


  • Need for Accuracy: Requires precise control and monitoring.

  • Soil Conditions: Problems with rocky or very hard ground.

  • Diversion Risk: If diverted, the Impact Moles can be lost, leading to a total economic loss.

  • Recovery Costs: Retrieval is often economically unfeasible.

Future Perspectives

Despite challenges, the technology remains leading. BOB and BUDDEL aim to expand the technology and open up new fields of application to accelerate infrastructure expansion, especially for fiber optics and sustainable energy networks.


Impact Moles offer many advantages but do not come without challenges. With continuous innovation, we aim to overcome these challenges and further optimize the technology for trenchless conduit installation!

Stay Tuned!

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Warm regards,

Your Team at Stern Technic GmbH

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