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Going new paths is always more difficult than following existing ones. 


The reinvention for boring small diameters in soils and granulates

Our goal has always been to revolutionise trenchless tunnelling and transform it into a sustainable, electric and smart technology. But our technology is not only relevant for trenchless tunnelling for small diameters - it is especially suitable for granular crossings and sandy soils. It has never been easier and more efficient to cross the underground/ granulate.

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Foundation of STERN TECHNIC GmbH

We founded Stern Technic in 2021 to develop our studies on BOB and to realise the first prototype. 


Release of our innovative technology

In 2023, we released our first working prototype. In order to offer our customers the greatest possible added value, we will test and optimise BOB extensively.


Patent BOB

In 2024, we secured the patent for BOB. This significant achievement ensures that our innovative technology is protected and paves the way for extensive testing and optimization to provide maximum value to our customers.


BOB in the media

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