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With our developed helix shapes and the special arrangement of these, we are able to set new standards in driving through loose soils and granulates. Our innovative software algorithms are the fundament for efficient and effective tunnelling.

Autonomous Boring

Our adaptive drilling strategy allows us to drill autonomously through granular and loose soils while maintaining the orientation of the system.


The use of Li-Ion technology and efficient DC motors enable a high efficiency of the system and create the greatest possible economic and ecological benefit for our customers.


Various sensors enable us to calculate the current orientation of BOB. In case of deviations, BOB can react in order to reach its goal.


Acceleration & Gyroscope 

Acceleration and gyroscope sensors allow us to determine the orientation of the system. If there is a deviation from the planned boring direction, BOB reacts immediately. 

Maschine Learning & AI

Machine-learning algorithms allow us to adapt to different environments. Powerful embedded hardware creates the basis for our Boring rOBot.

BOB in reality 


Harness the Underground Power with BUDDEL's Advanced Features. Imagine a machine that transforms the way we approach trenchless construction. That's BUDDEL for you, employing the sheer force of our pneumatic muscles to achieve unparalleled strength, all within a marvelously lightweight frame. This isn't mere advancement; it's a revolutionary leap for subterranean mechanics.

Strength & Precision

While BUDDEL brings agility and strength to the table, its perfect companion, BOB enhanced his precision. Together, they offer a dual advantage: BUDDEL's revolutionary lightweight design makes it the ultimate powerhouse for tight spaces, while BOB's unique helix shapes set new industry standards for driving through loose soils and granulates.

Efficiently Engineered

But we don't stop there. Our cutting-edge software algorithms lay the groundwork for both efficient and effective tunnelling, allowing BUDDEL and BOB to work in seamless harmony. This symbiosis optimizes every element of underground construction, from the planning phase all the way to execution, minimizing disruptions and maximizing output.



Positioning and Alignment

First, BOB and BUDDEL are carefully placed in the starting pit. Great emphasis is placed on the exact alignment and secure mounting of the equipment. This initial positioning is crucial to ensure precise and efficient drilling and forms the basis for the smooth progress of the subsequent process steps.


Start BOB and BUDDEL

The next step involves connecting the compressed air hose to BUDDEL. This connection is crucial for the supply of compressed air and the functionality of the device. After connecting, BUDDEL is activated. In parallel, BOB is turned on. This step is of central importance in order to put both machines into operational readiness and enable the start of the precise and powerful drilling process.


Perform Drilling

As soon as BOB has successfully submerged into the ground, the next important phase of the advancement process begins. Now, the thrust pipes are attached to BOB. Subsequently, the thrust unit is set up. With the complete setup of the thrust unit, BUDDEL is ready to start the advancement process. This marks the beginning of the actual drilling process, during which BOB and BUDDEL work in perfect coordination to progress precisely and efficiently through the ground.

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Imagine a device that redefines how we navigate pipelines. That's LEO for you, utilizing the precision of its advanced Mechanum wheels to achieve unmatched efficiency, all within an exceptionally compact frame. This isn't just an improvement; it's a groundbreaking innovation for pipeline operations.


Efficient DC-Motor

LEO is powered by an efficient FAULHABER DC motor, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. This high-quality motor provides the necessary torque to navigate pipelines and pull ropes with ease.

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery

LEO is equipped with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery, offering long-lasting power for extended operations. This reliable battery system ensures that LEO can perform continuously, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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Imagine a tool that transforms manual drilling in trenchless construction. That's DORA for you, utilizing its modular extruders and manual operation with a cordless drill to achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency. This isn't just an enhancement; it's a revolutionary leap for manual drilling projects.

Modular Design

DORA's modular extruders can be easily assembled and disassembled, providing flexibility and ease of use. This design allows users to customize the drilling length and adapt to various project requirements with minimal effort.

Powerful Drive

DORA operates with the aid of a powerful cordless drill, ensuring efficient and precise manual drilling. This manual operation provides users with full control over the drilling process, making DORA an indispensable tool for trenchless construction.

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Imagine an AI assistant that revolutionizes trenchless construction. That's WENDY for you, leveraging the power of advanced artificial intelligence to streamline documentation, reporting, and training. All within an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This isn't just an enhancement; it's a transformative leap in construction technology.

Automated Documentation

WENDY leverages advanced AI to automate documentation processes, reducing the time and effort required for accurate reporting. This efficiency allows users to focus on more critical tasks while ensuring precise and reliable documentation.

Interactive Training

WENDY provides cutting-edge training support through interactive and intuitive learning modules. By utilizing augmented reality and AI, WENDY enhances the training experience, making it more engaging and effective for users.

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