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Cost-Efficiency in Civil Engineering: BOB & BUDDEL

Dear readers,

In today’s edition, we turn our focus to cost-efficiency in civil engineering brought about by our innovative prototypes, BOB and BUDDEL.

Cost-Efficiency in Civil Engineering

Cost-efficiency is crucial in civil engineering. With BOB and BUDDEL, we introduce technologies that are not only precise and powerful but significantly reduce costs. Together, both systems can cover up to 30 meters in an hour, with energy costs of less than 1 €. This represents a revolution in cost-efficiency.

Combined Strengths

BOB and BUDDEL work hand in hand to ensure maximum efficiency. While BOB shines with precision, BUDDEL provides the necessary power. Together, they enable the rapid and cost-effective implementation of civil engineering projects.

Calculations and Questions

With an hourly rate of 85 € for the worker, the costs for the worker + engergy per meter could drop to approximately 3 €. This opens up new possibilities for civil engineering and beyond. How could these savings impact your next project?

Application Areas

The cost-efficiency of BOB and BUDDEL allows for application in various sectors:

  • Civil Engineering: Reduced costs for infrastructure projects.

  • Agriculture: Cost-effective installation of irrigation systems.

  • Energy: Economical installation of ground collectors under solar parks.


BOB and BUDDEL are not just technological innovations but also keys to significant cost savings in various application areas. We invite you to explore the potentials for your projects!

Stay Tuned!

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Warm regards,

Your Team at Stern Technic GmbH

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