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BUDDEL - Power and Efficiency Combined!

Dear readers,

Today, we would like to introduce you to another star in our technology universe: BUDDEL, our powerful system that effortlessly masters the underground!

BUDDEL - Strong Yet Lightweight

BUDDEL is not only strong but also lightweight. With its pneumatic muscles, it sets new standards in terms of power and efficiency, effortlessly tackling the most demanding projects.

Lightweight with Significant Power

Despite its lightweight design, BUDDEL boasts impressive strength. Its small size and lightweight design allow operators to move it easily from one location to another.

Perfect Harmony

BUDDEL is perfectly matched with our other systems, providing a harmonious and efficient solution for various drilling technology requirements.


With BUDDEL, we have created a system that offers both power and efficiency. Its strength and lightness make it an indispensable tool for various drilling projects.

Stay Tuned!

In future posts, we will give you more exciting insights into the world of BUDDEL and our other technologies. Subscribe to our blog to stay updated!

Warm regards, The Team at Stern Technic GmbH

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