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BUDDEL: Efficient Lightweight Design Through Generative Design

Dear Readers,

Today, we would like to offer you an exciting insight into the development of our drilling robot, BUDDEL, whose lightweight design has been crafted through innovative generative design methods.

Generative Design: Efficient and Future-Oriented

Generative design has allowed us to significantly reduce the development time of BUDDEL. With algorithms calculating optimal shapes and structures, we have developed a design that is not only lightweight but also functional and robust.

From SLS to Sheet Metal Parts: Focus on Cost Efficiency

Although the initial components were manufactured using SLS printing with PA12, we plan to switch to bent sheet metal parts in the future. This change will not only reduce production costs but also increase efficiency. The force flows calculated through generative design will be retained and implemented in the sheet metal parts to ensure maximum efficiency regarding weight and costs.

The Future: Efficient and Customer-Centric

Generative models continue to serve as the basis for developing future components. With the goal of creating a competitive and customer-oriented product, we are focusing on cost-effective solutions that maximize value for our customers.

Conclusion: Exciting Times Ahead!

With the use of generative design and the transition to bent sheet metal parts, we are entering uncharted territory in product development. We are excited about the possibilities that these innovative approaches will open up and look forward to future developments!

Stay Tuned!

More interesting insights and news about BUDDEL and our technologies are to follow. Subscribe to our blog!

Warm regards,

Your Team at Stern Technic GmbH

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