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BOB - The Drilling Robot Shaping the Future!

Dear readers,

In today’s post, we would like to introduce you to BOB, our innovative drilling robot that is sustainably and autonomously shaping the future of drilling!

BOB - First of Its Kind

BOB is not just a drilling robot. He is smart, efficient, and sustainable. With his automatic position recognition, he can orient himself independently and make corrections as needed, giving him a decisive advantage over existing systems.

Sustainability Meets Efficiency

BOB is fully electric, which is not only sustainable but also saves a lot of energy compared to equivalent systems (pneumatic, hydraulic). With his compact design, he is easy to handle and as simple to use as an electric drill.

Versatile Application

Thanks to his handy size, easy operation, and efficient technology, BOB is used in many different industries, including water, data, energy, granulates, agriculture, and exploration.


With BOB, we at Stern Technic GmbH have created a drilling robot that is not only intelligent and efficient but also enables sustainable and autonomous drilling. We are proud to contribute to the future of drilling technology with BOB and look forward to sharing his journey with you!

Stay Tuned!

In our upcoming blog posts, we will dive deeper into the specific applications and benefits of BOB and cover more exciting topics related to our technologies and innovations. Subscribe to our blog to not miss out!

Warm regards, The Team at Stern Technic GmbH

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