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Introducing WENDY: Your AI Assistant for Trenchless Construction

At SternTechnic, we continuously push the boundaries of innovation to bring you advanced solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency. Our latest development, WENDY, is an AI assistant designed to revolutionize documentation, reporting, and training in trenchless construction. With WENDY, you can streamline your operations and prepare for the future of construction technology.

What is WENDY?

WENDY is an intelligent AI assistant that supports various aspects of trenchless construction. From automating documentation and generating detailed reports to providing interactive training modules, WENDY is your go-to solution for improving efficiency on the job site. In the near future, WENDY will also facilitate the seamless control of our construction robots, BOB and BUDDEL.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficient Documentation: WENDY automates the documentation process, reducing the time and effort needed to create accurate reports.

  • Advanced Reporting: With over 99% accuracy, WENDY analyzes and generates comprehensive reports, helping you make informed decisions.

  • Interactive Training: WENDY offers cutting-edge training support through augmented reality interfaces, reducing training time by up to 40%.

  • Future Integration: WENDY is designed to integrate with BOB and BUDDEL, allowing for advanced control and coordination of construction activities.

Applications of WENDY

  1. Documentation and Reporting: WENDY streamlines the creation of detailed reports, ensuring accuracy and saving valuable time.

  2. Training and Support: Through interactive and efficient learning modules, WENDY enhances the training experience, making it more engaging and effective.

  3. Future Control Capabilities: As we continue to innovate, WENDY will soon enable the control of BOB and BUDDEL, providing a unified solution for managing construction robots.

Future Developments

At SternTechnic, we are committed to enhancing WENDY’s capabilities. Future updates will include advanced sensors for real-time data collection and expanded integration with other construction technologies, making WENDY an even more powerful tool for your operations.


WENDY represents the future of AI in trenchless construction. Its ability to automate documentation, provide detailed reports, and offer interactive training makes it an invaluable asset. As WENDY evolves to include control capabilities for BOB and BUDDEL, it will further solidify its position as an essential tool for modern construction projects.

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